Land of the Lost Gormathon

Land of the Lost Gormathon

Название композиции: Land of the Lost

Группа/Певец: Gormathon

Время прослушивания mp3: 03:29

Прослушано: 295

Загружено: 2015-06-07


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Текст песни:

Following the stellar lights
Path thru the dark
Of rotten limbs and piles of bones
Of hundreds ripped apart

By our heart of choice
Into the devils jaws
Fearless thru eternity
For a greater cause

Pre Chorus
Time, we need time
To seal the challenge of our call
Time, we need time
In the land of the lost

We are living the land of the living
We're living in the land of the lost
In the spur of the moment as we're giving it all..
Giving it all away


With the strength of our will
Like heaven hell shall be
Rigorously we strive
Thru the dark side of me

Pre Chorus



Gormathon - Land of the Lost (Official Music Video)


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