Pathogen Made of Hate

Pathogen Made of Hate

Название композиции: Pathogen

Группа/Певец: Made of Hate

Время прослушивания mp3: 05:31

Прослушано: 388

Загружено: 2015-07-03


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Текст песни:

You think I'm twisted minded?
My life's screwed up from the top?
You're just afraid to confront me
But I tell you: let it be!

Maybe I'm darkly dreaming
Forgetting who I am
Trying to cope with this world
But will I?

I'm here to feel that I'm alive
I'm here to feed my inner hunger

For some I'm just an assassin
Searching for victim to be
Hidden and leaning from darkness
I'm ready to hit!

In shadow I'm behind you
With a blade in my hand
I'm getting closer and closer
It's now!


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