.... ...Бандитский Петербург 2.Адвокат-9 серия

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Группа/Певец: ...Бандитский Петербург 2.(Адвокат)-9 серия

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Загружено: 2016-03-01


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Текст песни:

And so I’m here now, I used to be there
It was before that I was unhappy
Now I’m just numb…
And now I can’t leave
I just sit in my room
With only cigarettes to kill my time
I’ll be fine, I’ll be alright
One more day off my life
On more niche to chisel in the wall
I won’t fall
I’ll keep on breathing in spite of you
Like love was something I never knew
And you can spite me too
Cause I don’t wanna see nobody
I don’t wanna hear nobody
I don’t wanna take nobody home with me tonight
You think it’s funny, I have nobody
Somebody to hold my crummy hand
I’m alone
No ring ring to infect my phone
Nobody’s calling, no one’s home
Except silence and her lovely lovely tone
I swear I’m alone
I’ll just sit here in my hotel room
I’ll just sit here in my rented tomb
I’ll just sit, enjoy the view
I’ll just sit and watch the world go


Бандитский Петербург Адвокат 9 серия из 10


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